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We grow apart

We learn the hard way that time is relentlessly, and either we want it or not, it affects and changes us all. Friends are friends due to their common dreams, ideas, hobbies, but would they still be friends if time would keep them apart? Would they still talk for thousands of hours on the phone, share experiences and passions over thousands of cups of tea?

I begin to think that one can’t have too many friends just like one can’t keep them all close. Time and space are essential for friendship, it is needful just as the oxygen for the fire.

As we grow older we grow apart from our friends, either we want it or not. But my question is, did we allow that space to intervene between us consciously or we relayed too much on the mutual feeling of “forever best friends”? My guess is that maybe, just maybe, we were supposed to grow apart because we have never supposed to grow together. What if we were far-fetched by the circumstances to befriend, and later on to care and love our friends?

I watched as my parents grow old, and one of the many questions was:” Why they don’t have friends?”. I used to believe that no one can exist without at least a friend, to share and spend time with. Now looking back, I understand my parents’ isolation. My mother used to say ” There are no true friends, there are only wannabes and enemies”. Is it true? If so, does that mean that a big part of our life, our past and present is a big lie, which eventually will fall into oblivion?

Loneliness is also some sort of friend if we choose to see it so, but are we really happy in our desolation or are we miserable among friends that we call next of kin?

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